The Ultimate Destination for Dental Tourism

U.S. citizens do not need passport or currency converter to visit the Bayamón Health Center Emergency Room. As a U.S. commonwealth located in a Caribbean paradise, our emergency room provides safety and convenience. Patients pay 60% less in medical expenses in comparison to continental United States when visiting the Bayamón Health Center Emergency Room. English is also widely spoken.


Welcome to your next favorite vacation spot in the Caribbean. The Hyatt Place San Juan/Bayamón Hotel is quickly becoming the talk of the town for its excellent hospitality, cleanliness, cuisine, and amenities—all for a great price. Our San Juan/Bayamón hotel offers you the essentials to a memorable experience in Puerto Rico, and we do it through our excellent location in and around San Juan.

Megacentro Dental Patients have a preferred rate of $89.00 to $99.00, depending on the season.

Hyatt Bayamon

A Tropical Island in the Caribbean

A majestic forest, three magical bioluminescent bays, and an amazing ancient underground cave system are some of our island’s numerous breathtaking attractions. Our food is also as luscious as the landscape. Considered the culinary capital of the Caribbean with its incredible array of world­-class restaurants and chefs, Puerto Rico is an epicurean heaven.

Experience It All

If golf is your game, then, Puerto Rico is the place to tee off. Mof of the island’s championship courses were designed by such luminaries as Robert Trent Jones and his son, Rees Jones; Greg Norman; George and Tom Fazio; Jack Nicklaus; Arthur Hill; and Puerto Rico’s own Chi Chi Rodríguez. Play to your heart’s content amid tropical breezes and lush greens with views of the white­sand beaches and the ocean’s blue waters. Several of our golf courses are part of world-class resorts. Therefore, after a round of golf, you can relax by the pool and gear up for your next game.

Break Out of the Ordinary

An average temperature of 82°F rules Puerto Rico, offering the opportunity to practice any type of outdoor sport. Our island also has excellent facilities for almost every type of Olympic sport, ranging from 10,000 to 20,000 arena seats. In addition, Puerto Rico has Olympic autonomy. This gives us the opportunity to bring both national and international events to the island. Puerto Rico is also well­-known for holding events centered on a sports tradition led by successful athletes and international events most of the time. Local private and public sectors support major sport events due to their willingness in showing the world what Puerto Rico is all about.